NPC is focused on fostering and aligning a natural product commercialization ecosystem. This can only be achieved when everyone works together toward the same goal.

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NPC helps SMEs get their validated natural products or natural product technologies to market. But we also partner with SMEs that provide complementary technologies or services, or those that are seeking natural products for their business.

Large & Multinational Corporations

We work with large companies in a number of ways, including accessing new markets, building new research partnerships, finding and developing world-class products, and addressing regulatory requirements.

Scientists & Research Institutions

Canada is known for its exceptional research. We work with researchers and research institutions to ensure that the expertise, facilities, products, and technologies are fully leveraged for maximum benefit.


We work with private investors to find great companies and products within the natural product space. We collaborate to identify and evaluate investment opportunities, support and mentor investees, and attract other partners to help de-risk the investment.

Technology & Commercialization Experts

This sector is all about specifics. If you have expertise in natural products and the technologies that enable them (like extraction, isolation, formulation, etc.) OR the strategies and tactics to help new natural products and companies get to market (like marketing, IP, scale-up, regulatory, etc.) we want to work with you to make sure that everyone in the ecosystem has access to your knowledge and services.

Facilities & Platform Providers

Testing, validation, scale-up, production. It all takes specialized buildings, structures, labs, and equipment. If you have the space, machinery, or expertise associated with natural product commercialization, please contact us so we can make sure that everyone in the ecosystem knows about your services.

Economic & Innovation Agencies

Our goal is to make sure the Canadian natural product sector is well supported and flourishing. We work with all types of economic development, innovation, and business support agencies to ensure that programs and services are fully utilized across the country. If you can provide services, information, or financial assistance to companies in the natural product sector, we want to hear from you so we can quickly and efficiently refer clients to your organization.

Collaborate with Us

If you fit into any of these categories, we’d love to explore the ways we can work together to make the whole natural product commercialization ecosystem stronger.

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