who we are

Natural Products Canada (NPC) originated with the idea that Canada could be a global leader in the multi-billion-dollar natural products sector. From shore to shore to shore, Canada is bursting with natural resources, scientific expertise, business accumen, and innovation support programs.

NPC is Canada’s Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research of natural products, funded by the National Centres of Excellence along with numerous private and public partners who share the belief in this untapped opportunity.

What We do

Getting a natural product to market is a challenging process. NPC is fostering and aligning the commercialization ecosystem to bring validated natural products to market - faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.

We do this through four key pillars:


Link expertise and resources to overcome commercialization hurdles.


Assess products, technologies, and business opportunities


Advise and support activities that speed up commercialization


Help companies find and acquire the financial investment to get to the next level

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Node Partners

npc is built on collaboration.